Pressure Washing

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Pressure Washing - Fast & Effective

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Pressure washing is a fast, effective way to clean exterior surfaces. Unfortunately, many pressure washing businesses neglect to account for the pressure differences needed for various surfaces. At Excel Window Cleaning Company Inc., we always use the most appropriate pressure levels for each job, leaving surfaces looking great without ever damaging them.

We make sure to leave you satisfied.

No Worries - Our family owned and operated pressure washing company is both licensed and insured, so you never have to worry about damage to the exterior of your home or business! Nobody wants to sacrifice the longevity of their building or deal with expensive repairs because of sloppy pressure washing. We guarantee each of our pressure washing jobs will leave your exterior looking great without you ever having to worry!

Low Pressure Techniques - Each and every member of our staff is trained to recognize the traits of the different exterior building materials. This allows them to recognize which methods are most appropriate for various exterior surfaces. We employ special low-pressure techniques when necessary during our pressure washing procedures to make sure wood always is left looking great and never damaged. Now, you can have incredibly clean exteriors without the risk!

We love Minneapolis, and want to do our part to make sure our city looks just as great as we know it is! Set your worries about pressure washing aside, and enjoy showing off how extraordinary our city can be! Give us a call to show off that beautiful exterior!