Ice Dam Removal

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Ice Dam Removal - Experienced & Knowledged

Ice Dam Removal  | Excel Window Cleaning Company Inc. - Minneapolis, MN

In Minneapolis, ice dams are a nuisance that everybody has come across at one time or another – but they aren’t just a problem for your gutters. For many people, ice dam removal is a difficult task.

Our trained staff works hard not only to clear your ice dams, but also to help you prevent getting them in the future.

Removing Stress from Your Gutters - Ice dams add unnecessary weight on your gutter system, and can even reach the point where the stress starts to overburden your gutters. Avoid the costly process of replacing part or all of your gutter system by taking advantage of our professional ice dam removal!

Know What Causes Them - Simply putting new shingles on your house won’t stop ice dams from forming. To properly prevent ice dams, you need to keep your attic space as close to the outside temperature as possible. Let our knowledgeable staff help you understand exactly what it is about your roofing system that is causing your ice dams and help you make sure they don’t come back!

See the Benefit of Experience - Each ice dam removal and prevention strategy is unique. With twenty years of experience in the industry, the people of Excel Window Cleaning Company Inc. have seen almost every combination of factors that lead to ice dams. When you call us, you get two decades worth of experience. There’s no longer a need to worry if you could be doing something more to help prevent damaging ice dams.

With Excel Window Cleaning Company Inc., our years of experience and comprehensive knowledge of the job will leave you confident that regardless of the situation, we have a solution to your ice dam problems.

Because we live in an area notorious for its cold weather and snowfall, it’s all the more important to take the proper precautions and have professional staff involved when dealing with ice dam removal.

Don’t be left out in the cold! Call Excel Window Cleaning Company Inc. today. We won’t just clear your ice dam, we’ll help make sure you know exactly what is causing them and how we can help prevent them in the future!